What We Do

KBT is dedicated to helping autistic children and children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Our current project is called Children’s Think Tank and involves setting up a subsidized pilot clinic where children from financially challenged families can receive effective medical care for autism.
Emerging evidence indicates that children have a much better chance of success with emphasis on a multifaceted program of treatment.

Children’s Think Tank
The goals of Children’s Think Tank are to:

  • Help children with autism in the greater Los Angeles area whose families cannot afford private medical care for their children.
  • Demonstrate the unprecedented progress children can make with non-invasive medicine emphasizing osteopathic treatment, homeopathic care and dietary guidelines.
  • Inspire practitioners and medical students to appreciate and utilize these treatment modalities.
What You Can Do
Your generous support aids children with their medical care. The low-tech, non-invasive quality of osteopathy enables KBT to allocate less than 15 percent of the funding to administrative costs. The majority of funding goes toward pediatric care. KBT is a tax-deductible non-profit clinic and contributions may be sent to the address on our Contact Page.

How to Enroll
Children must meet the following criteria to enroll in the Kids' Brain Trust pilot clinic:
  • Two to six years old
  • Diagnosed with mild-to-moderate autism
  • Low- to middle-income
(Note: Families must submit their most current tax return to verify the necessity for medical assistance.)